The Berejiklian Government in action 3

It’s hard to imagine anything more sad – according to the media, a couple goes to a hospital, a Berejiklian Government Hospital, in Fairfield  in Western Sydney, expecting to get help in the delivery of their baby, and THE BABY DIES because they get none – they have to try to deliver the baby themselves.! No wonder Mr Amone, the husband, is reported to have broken down as Coronial proceedings into the matter commenced.

But do Gladys and her mates care? Not likely!

In all our searching we have not been able to find the slightest indication that anything has changed – that, this couldn’t happen exactly the same one and a half years after Gladys and her mates came into government.

Perhaps some of our readers have located such indications, and would be prepared to let us know about them.

The only thing they seem to have done is take action to make sure that you and I don’t get to know exactly what happened – there has been no reporting in the media as to what happened as Coronial proceedings proceeded beyond the first couple of hours on 11 March, 2018, (as usually happens,) more than 2 and a half months ago – presumably on their orders.

Not a pretty picture – horrible things happening in Government hospitals, no action being taken to make anything better, just KGB type action being taken to prevent you and I, the people, from knowing the truth.

A Wed. 12 June2018 update: One of Gladys’s mates is Geoff Lee, a local Member of Parliament in the western suburbs of Sydney, and you could send him dozens of copies of posts like this, as we have done, and he doesn’t care in the slightest either – we suspect they all go straight into the trash without even being read. Yet we, the people, keep voting for him??????

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