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To us the best aged care facilities have ordinary email addresses readily available – we’ve found from long experience, at least in other areas, that those who don’t mostly aren’t worth bothering with.

Why do we place such emphasis on ordinary email addresses?

An initial answer to this is, why not? If the people we send emails to are really into communication, ordinary email addresses will suit them best too.

But to us, the people, ordinary email addresses are by far the easiest way to seek help and information and so on – sending times and dates are automatically included, photos, screen shot and links can be readily included, managements of organisations can be informed as to how their organisations are performing, (which good managements are always interested in,) and, if for any reason we want to let others know how we got on and what we found out, that is so easy too.

Of course, providing high quality answers to the clients/customers of organisations is a bother and costs time and money, but people and organisations have to realise that these days competing in all markets is not about competing with better conventional marketing and advertising and so on – it’s about competing with better answers to emails sent to them.

With this in mind, we are putting together a list of age care providers who have at least 2 locations in New South Wales who have ordinary email addresses for their head offices at least – use this link to see what we’ve put together so far. So far there are 13 providers on our list, (there may not be many more,) 5 of whom have ordinary email addresses readily available.

(As time allows, we will also be putting together a list of facilities that are single operations – not belonging to larger organisations.)

There are two things about all this that we believe passionately.

Firstly, only having to deal with people and organisations, particularly in health care, who provide reasonable answers to reasonable emails sent to them makes our lives so much easier and better.

Secondly, that as more and more people realise this and act on it, and the word spreads, that this will bring about more improvements more quickly in the age care sector than even Royal Commissions ever will.

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