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This recent media report just makes us laugh.

Yes Mr Henry, it IS really difficult if board members are not taking any steps to ensure that they know what the hell is going on with their companies, when modern communication technology makes taking such steps so easy. And there are examples of this wherever you look.

One of our readers reports that today he got a text message from Foxtel that included a phone number – 488 863 202. But when he tried to make a phone call using this number he was advised that it had been disconnected!!! Clearly, no one in Foxtel’s senior management, let alone on it’s board of directors, knows about this sort of thing.

At the other extreme – which make us laugh. One of our readers reports that about 5 years ago he had a bad experience with Bunnings, and when he emailed them about it was handled quite poorly. So about 12 months ago he sent them another email claiming that the same thing had happened again, (not mentioning the first occasion,) just to see if anything had changed – and this time he got a response full of apologies, and saying they were sending him a $30 gift card. So they had certainly changed! Of course, he felt really guilty as nothing had happened at all the second time – so he’s never presented the gift card.

What seems certain is that while the NAB has Ken Henry as their “eminent chairman,” nothing’s going to change. See this comment on the internet:-

As we seek to live our lives to the best of our abilities, perhaps the NABs and Foxtels of this world should be avoided as much as possible and the Bunnings should be favoured.

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