The bottom line 2

It’s very easy be cynical about the world in which we live, about the people and organisations around us. And to us, the worst part of it is that, in many situations, we may not have been cynical enough.

To us, we’re incredibly unlucky if we can’t look back on our lives and think how much better off we’d be if we hadn’t trusted him or her or them.

One of us claims that he had an experience in which the AMP Society were such treacherous opportunistic bastards, (and says they’re probably still the same,) that it caused him to lose everything in his late 40s – his job, all his money, his house, his holiday units, his cars and his marriage. (Brief details could be provided if required.) And an experience with a doctor to whom he was referred for help, who didn’t provide help at all, just damaged him for life, at great expense, it can’t be reversed. And others as well.

Thirty or forty years ago we were given this advice – if you want to know what someone’s like, ask them to write something down, and/or get them to take part in a joint discussion. To us, the modern way of doing this, and this is what we do ourselves and recommend to others, is to send them an email or emails – to us good responses increase enormously the likelihood that they can be trusted, and bad responses or none at all indicate that perhaps they are to be avoided like the plague.

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