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Hooray for the Canadian Health & Care Mall!!! – they seem to have got around the rules/laws? about being able to unsubscribe to their emails, so they can send you hundreds  and thousands of emails and there’s not a damn thing you can do about.

We’re on their mailing lists, we don’t know how, and can’t get off. We’ve received hundreds, perhaps thousand of their unsolicited emails, having received one a day for years, and then, after we’d made a determined effort to stop this happening, sending them 7 or 8 unsubscribe emails, we’ve been getting many more – often 5 or 6 a day or more!

We’re pretty sure the way they do this is by sending each email from a different sender. They keep making up preposterous names. The last 10 emails we’ve got from them have been from:-

  • Grethel Miranti
  • Mufi Greenfield
  • Johna Samuel
  • Angelita Sheehy
  • Judye Roganti
  • Lina Overman
  • Theadora Shang
  • Merrie Blenis
  • Netty Shen
  • Jennica Grayson

Any ideas, readers?

We’d like to punch the people in charge of this organisation on the nose.

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