The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 2

Further to our previous post, we have just sent this in a further email to James Croll, the hospital’s marketing manager.

It would be of concern if this was true. Certainly, when we tried to find an ordinary email address for the hospital’s general manager Rosemary McDonald, all we could find was one of those dreadful email forms.

Ideally, to us, what should have happened was that that the patient, allegedly 77 years old, and allegedly recovering from cancer surgery, could have used her own mobile to call her family to tell them, “I’ve just been bashed and bashed until I gave the pin numbers to my credit cards, I’m too afraid to try to go to sleep.” And the family members could have used phone numbers and email addresses to try and get some help for their loved one.

Perhaps that’s what happened.

But today, 9 Apr 2018, three and a half weeks after the alleged incident, no evidence has been provided, to us at least, that Ms McDonald has the slightest in or concerns about the matter.

Incidentally, some hints for when you are forced to used email forms, because no ordinary email addresses are provided – ALWAYS put the date and time at the bottom of any message you send, and then take a copy of it and send it to your own ordinary email address. It seems to us that one of the reasons people and organisations only provide email forms is that, with them, it’s difficult to establish the date and time they were used – something which is established automatically with ordinary email addresses.

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