The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 7

We have started sending letters by email to the seven directors of this hospital asking, “In your capacity as a board member of the Hospital for Specialist Surgery, are you able to comment on this post?” and attaching a copy of this post, (our sixth on this hospital,) and providing a link to it.

(Please note: If you want to read all the six posts on this blog on this topic, simply use WordPress’s Search tool – to us this works better than us trying to put posts into categories.)

If the directors show the same “laid back” attitude to the horrendous treatment one patient received in their hospital as referred to in this post, as it’s management has shown, it would seem to us that readers would be stark raving mad to consider for a nanosecond becoming another of their patients.

We are aware that to describe it’s management’s attitude as being “laid back” is being charitable.

13 Jun 2018: First letter sent to Dr Steven Parker.

A 21 Jun 2018 update: No response to date.

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