The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – dealing with 1

The people at this Commission, led by Sue Dawson the Commissioner, are pure geniuses at coming up with reasons why complaints against doctors should just be dismissed – and the following is a typical example.

One of our readers claims that a Dr Timothy Tan, Cardiologist, had put him onto a certain medication without checking what medications he was already on, and it was only many months later that the reader learnt, to his horror, that this new medication “didn’t go with” the medication that he was already on, which he’d continued to take when he should have stopped taking it.

When a complaint was made to the HCCC about this, two paragraphs in what he was told in response by one of it’s Senior Assessment Officers illustrate what we mean.

In other words, “You can’t blame Dr Tan. It’s all your fault. You shouldn’t have relied on his advice in any way! – you should have checked with your regular Cardiologist AS SOON AS YOU LEFT THE HOSPITAL! or checked with the hospital, (whatever that means,) any thing but take any notice of what Dr Tan had told you.”

See what we mean – pure genius!

(To view the response in full, use this link.)

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