The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – dealing with 6

Another incredibly bizarre experience with this Commission – a report on same put together with one of our readers.

So there you are readers – no real difference between seeing Dr Meades and Dr Fitzsimons, and certainly no basis to complain about Meades any of her people – well as far as Sue Dawson is concerned.

What absolute rubbish!!!

It you email the Commission, part of their automated response is this – “The Health Care Complaints Commission acts to protect public health and safety by dealing with complaints about health service providers in NSW.” We would have thought the way they’ve dealt with complaints about Dr Meades doesn’t provide much protection to anybody about anybody or about anything!

And nobody cares, least of all anyone in the Berejiklian government.

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A 17 Dec. 2019 update: We’ve just sent a copy of this post to Sue Dawson, the Health Care Complaints Commissioner, with copies to Brad Hazzard, the NSW Minister for Health, and Ryan Park, the NSW Shadow Minister for Health. We’re not expecting to get responses from any of them, but we’ll let you know if we do.

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