The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 9

We keep saying we’ve never been so flabbergasted – and we’re saying it again!!!

We’ve been made aware of a complaint being made to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, (HCCC,) by a complainant AAA that a Dr XXX hadn’t provided significant and urgently needed responses to 3 emails sent to him using his email address on the University of Sydney’s School of Medicine’s website – Dr XXX denied that he’d received the emails, of course, and the response of the person handling the complaint at the HCCC was that it seemed very likely to her that Dr XXX hadn’t received them, (without putting forward any reason why she thought this,) and saying that complainant AAA should have used the email address, which she described as “official,” which the HCCC had obtained from the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency, (AHPRA,) but not providing any information as to what that email address might be. So AHPRA was emailed asking if this could be true, and an email came back, which boiled down to saying, “No such email exists, and we don’t know what the HCCC is talking about.” So an email was sent to the person handling the complaint at the HCCC, asking if she could “elaborate” on her claim, and that was 2 weeks ago, and this email hasn’t so far even been acknowledged.

We don’t know where this is going to end up. We’re getting the feeling that it may be too big for us to handle. Especially as we have no doubt that the attitude of Sue Dawson, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner will probably turn out to be – “I’m on $500,000 a year – I’m too important to be worrying about things like this.” And the politicians don’t care.

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