The NSW Liberal Government – March, 2019… – dealing with 1

After extensive Google searches for means by which the manager of the Wyong government hospital could be contacted in writing, which didn’t turn up anything, this email was sent to this Government’s NSW Ministry for Health, 3 days ago, using the email address –

This reply was received 2 days later.

We had no idea what “CCLHD” was all about, but we used this email address to send the email again –

This reply was received this morning.

In the meantime, this email was sent to David Harris, the local Member of Parliament, (Labor.)

Almost immediately, we got this reply.

Who the hell is “the local area health?” And will they ever reply?

All rubbish typical of the Berejiklian government! So much time and effort to get nowhere!

And, in our experience, if you email any of the Coalition members of Parliament, and, in fact, Premier Berejiklian herself, ┬áseeking help, you will find that they have accepted the advice of some brain dead marketing people – “Oh yes! the people will accept that you won’t provide any help unless they provide their full details, their home address and so on and so on.” It reminds us of this Dilbert cartoon.

We live for the day when people who don’t provide helpful replies to emails sent to them are elected to Parliament, and when Governments are elected to power whose departments don’t provide helpful replies to emails sent to them. The world will then be a very different place. As we keep saying, this is all in the hands of the people.

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