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We’ve been working on interfacing with the health care professions and the health care professionals for more than 10 years now, trying to find the best ones to use and the best ones not to use and so on, and there are so many things we’ve learnt. One of them is that we’ve come to believe that there are thousands and thousands, probably millions, of people out there whose lives could be so much better if they knew about Modafinil and used it.

One of our readers, now in his early 80s, says he happened to be put on to Modafinil some 10 years ago and that over the years he couldn’t have lived without it. But, he was put on to it by a GP who’s since retired and so can’t write prescriptions, and when he needed a new prescription the GP he was using at the time wouldn’t give him one – apparently for no other reason than he didn’t know anything about it, and couldn’t suggest a specialist who did!!!??? Luckily the next GP he saw, was happy to provide him with one.

And subsequently, when he was referred to a Geriatrician for help with some back problems he was experiencing, when he asked her, as a matter of interest, about Modafinil,  she said, “Oh, that’s for people who keep dozing off,” – when he says he’s never dozed off in his life, and that it would be hard to imagine a description of Modafinil which does it less justice.

How is it that a Geriatrician, someone whose specialty is in helping the elderly, knows nothing about Modafinil??? To us, amongst the first things that Geriatricians should be asking their patients is, “Have you tried Modafinil?”

To us, it raises the whole question of how do doctors keep up-to-date?

We’ve mentioned before that a GP once mentioned to us that he believed he was at his peak when he’d been practicing for 3 years – that, although, after that, he had the benefit o 3 years or more of experience, to counter that the things he’d learnt at Med School were starting to be out-of-date.

Needless to say, we believe that the health care professionals who perhaps are amongst those who are best not to use are those who are not keeping up-to-date.

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