Westmead Government hospital, The 2

Further to this post, these are two paragraphs in the article on a 27 year old, a doctor himself, dying after two days in this hospital, having, at no stage been treated by other than “inexperienced staff.”

With people with health problems there’s always one question that’s easily the main question – who is best to treat/help this person? And deciding this depends on deciding what’s wrong with them – i.e. proper diagnosis.

Clearly, with this 27 year old, even though he was in the hospital for 48 hours before he died, at no stage did he undergo proper diagnosis by anyone properly qualified, in 48 hours!!!!????, and he certainly wasn’t directed to anyone properly qualified to treat/help him.

All we get is that the “Registers were confused” and “they weren’t sure what to do without a clear diagnosis!!!!”

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