What it’s like out there

We’ve been working on interfacing with the NSW healthcare system now for more than 10 years, and if, before we’d started, we’d been told what it’s really like out there, we just wouldn’t have believed it – not in a million years!

The following gives some indication as to what it’s like out there readers.

A Mr and Mrs Amone went to the Fairfield Government hospital in November 2014 for help in having their baby and got none, they had to deliver the baby themselves and the baby died.

Until more than 3 years and 3 months later, when a Coronial inquest began on 11 March 2018, there was no way that we, the people, could even know that this had happened, let alone any of the details, and certainly not from the Fairfield hospital or Premier Berijiklian.

And when the inquest was just starting, it’s obvious that an order was given to the media that they were not to keep the people advised as to the progress of the proceedings, as usually happens, presumably by Premier Berejiklian. Heil Hitler!

And it was not until three and a half months later again that anything more appeared in the media, and then guess what? On the 22 Jun 2018 we learnt that the Coroner, Coroner Derek Lee, had found that no one and nothing was to blame – “the baby died of natural causes.” Our view is that there are people in NSW gaols for less.

It seems that in the whole of the western suburbs of Sydney, perhaps in the whole of Sydney, there isn’t a Government hospital where it could be guaranteed that the Mr and Mrs Amone experience wouldn’t be repeated, and that subsequently the Derek Lees of this world would find again that no one and nothing was to blame – “the baby died of natural causes.”

Does anyone care? Despite a lot of searching, we’ve failed to find a scrap of evidence that anyone does.

After even more than 6 years of work, one of us was caught out very badly less than 4 years ago by not realising how bad things were/are – he was referred to a specialist by a GP, Dr Chris Grant, he’d been using for 5 or 6 years, and thought was quite good and was to be trusted, and the specialist, Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, turned out to be perhaps the greatest crook you could ever imagine. He carried out an operation that didn’t provide any help with the symptoms he was supposed to help with in any way, and not only was the patient left more than $6,000 out of pocket, he was/is damaged for life in quite a significant way, it can’t be reversed, about which he was not warned.

Again, we’re sure that there would be people in NSW gaols who’ve done less damage to people than the Chris Grants and the Andrew Brooks of this world. And the greatest concern is that things don’t seem to be getting any better.

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